Who We Are

Prestige Star Sport Academy was founded in April 2017 in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Our company is offering high level coaching services and specially designed practices for young athletes from age 5 – 15+. PSSA is a completely new brand but with years of experience in sports market in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and Middle East.
Our coaching staff are experienced professionals with verified credentials, some of them already working in UAE for many years at sports academies and education institutions. 

Academy Programs

Academy Program 4-15

The goal of the Mini-Basket program is to learn fundamental basketball movements, footwork, and skills in a positive and fun way so that kids can discover and begin to love the sport as much as we do. The focus is not on winning. Instead, we encourage kids to have fun while playing basketball and to introduce them to the basics of the sport. Understanding basic athletic skills will build a base for the kids that will enable them to develop their full potential in the years to come.

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Academy Program 15+

The goal of the Advance academy is to develop tactical thinking and apply it to situations that players will experience in games. All drills are executed with game situations in mind so that players can not only refine their skills, but also learn the best ways to apply these skills in games and at game-speed. Players at this age are going to be more involved in the decision-making process related to practices and games.

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Private Training

We offer personal training to master a specific set of skills through proper coaching and repetition. We offer this for both individuals (one on one) and small groups (2-4 players). Examples of what we can focus on in personal training include dribbling and ball-handling, shooting, lay ups, passing, rebounding, defense, perimeter play, guard development, big man post play, finishing moves, footwork, and balance.

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University Program

The goal of our University Program is threefold to take responsibility of a university basketball team and ensure progression and development through effective coaching and training sessions, to help in the organization of future sporting events, to comply with values and philosophy of universities.

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Enrichment Program

Through our Basketball Enrichment Program, we provide schools with additional basketball opportunities that it might not already have as part of its traditional sporting curriculum. We work with schools to offer our basketball program during school hours and then work with teachers and kids to teach basketball basics and find talent for the school teams and our academy.

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After School Activities

We developed after school activities in order to invite youths to participate outside of the traditional school day. The goal of PSSA after school activity program is to provide your child with the opportunity to engage in a positive, active, and fun environment, while also learning and developing basic basketball skills. Here we also search for players to play for their respective school’s basketball teams.

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Nurseries Program

This program is innovative, and above all very useful for the initiation of all children with sports, movement, coordination, spaces, and other basic concepts of children’s body motor skills. This program is for children from 2 to 5 years, it is not based on levels or preferences in any sport, these are basic exercises with or without ball where children will have 1 or 2 times weekly sessions of 45 min max.

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