Prestige Star Sport Academy (PSSA) is a Dubai-based organisation formed in April 2017 with the mission to harness the love and passion for basketball in the UAE to empower an all-inclusive concept of a unified and cohesive UAE driving and shaping the development of sport in the country and beyond.

PSSA is a unique association of dedicated FIBA certified coaches & ex-professional players, business specialists, and recreational enthusiasts alongside aspiring professionals across a diverse spectrum. At PSSA, we aim to positively affect social change whereby dreams are born and encouraged, talents are discovered and nurtured, and ambitions are realised and lived.

We use sport as a vehicle to break down barriers, bring people together and better the lives of communities through the love and passion for Basketball.

PSSA Basketball Academy is approved by Dubai Sports Council and UAE Basketball Association.

What we stand for:

Prestige Star Sport Academy was built on the ethics of team work has as it’s mission statement to deliver excellence in sports services, providing to all it’s stakeholders an unique experience while developing and promoting the sport in the region.

Our purpose: to promote education, well-being and fellowship through basketball as a way of life.
Our goals: to bring communities together, elevate awareness of basketball as a competitive sport, raise talents, and forward our society’s overall sporting agenda.
Our values: ingenuity, leadership, fellowship, discipline, integrity, heart, spirit and progress.