Prestige Star Sport Academy (PSSA) is a Dubai-based organisation formed in April 2017 with the mission to harness the love and passion for basketball in the UAE to empower an all-inclusive concept of a unified and cohesive UAE driving and shaping the development of sport in the country and beyond.

PSSA is a unique association of dedicated FIBA certified coaches & ex-professional players, business specialists, and recreational enthusiasts alongside aspiring professionals across a diverse spectrum. At PSSA, we aim to positively affect social change whereby dreams are born and encouraged, talents are discovered and nurtured, and ambitions are realised and lived.

We use sport as a vehicle to break down barriers, bring people together and better the lives of communities through the love and passion for Basketball.

PSSA Basketball Academy is approved by Dubai Sports Council and UAE Basketball Association (PDF).

What we stand for:

Prestige Star Sport Academy was built on the ethics of team work has as it’s mission statement to deliver excellence in sports services, providing to all it’s stakeholders an unique experience while developing and promoting the sport in the region.

Our purpose: to promote education, well-being and fellowship through basketball as a way of life.
Our goals: to bring communities together, elevate awareness of basketball as a competitive sport, raise talents, and forward our society’s overall sporting agenda.
Our values: ingenuity, leadership, fellowship, discipline, integrity, heart, spirit and progress.


At PSSA we believe in the great potentials within each and every child coming to our academy, we strive to unleash these potentials by providing them with training programs and coaching that where they can not only exercise basketball skills but also all what sportsmanship stands for in terms of leadership and team work. We believe this prepares our young players for a future where collaborative team work is the way to succeed in all walks of life. We aim at keeping the basketball program at PSSA exciting, fun, and engaging to encourage a deeper interaction among the academy players, this helps them realize huge benefits on both physical and mental wellbeing and provides our players with vital opportunity to grow up filled with confidence, compassion, motivation and respect, these are vital qualities that transpire beyond the playing fields.

We believe and continuously emphasize that everyone in the academy should be a role model to others, right from the youngest members of our community. Respect for each other, our training, ourcommunity, and our environment is essential. We also believe that childrenshould be happy in our sessions and enjoy learning new skills and drills. Byfocusing on children’s wellbeing and happiness and by ensuring they are giventhe skills and tools to learn, we know we will get results the right way.

Our players, coaches, and parents together form the academy community and this sense of belonging is what makes the experience at our academy very special and engaging. We feel very privileged to be a part of this wonderful project, along with our dedicated team of coaching professionals and parents, with this energy we can continue to develop and inspire our young players who will of course become future remarkable players and individuals in any settings they find themselves locally and internationally.

By adhering to above principles, we as a team at PSSA follow a finely developed code of conduct based on principles and values tailored to help all young athletes achieve their dreams, develop their sports and social skills which will help them achieve their goals at all stages of their personal and professional lives. To achieve this mission we always encourage the parents’ community in our academy to participate positively in the program, their support, opinion and feedback is always very important in every-day life, especially during the player`s development and during the competitions. 


The management and coaching team at PSSA believe in the power of dreams, when you dream you have to dream as deep as the ocean and as wide as the sky. Our ambitions are very big for our players, for our community and for our academy. Powered with self confidence, community support, passion to basketball and respect to training program we believe that remarkable achievements are possible. What we strive for is to see our young players grow to become positive influencers in their future communities and that sports remains a constant part of their lives and in effect become role models for other youngsters to stir a positiveness much needed in our world. We have to help them realize this dream and aspire to it every time they wear the team’s jersey and bear the team’s logo, we want the Falcons Team to stand for all that is positive and possible in their futures and we are confident they will find the will and energy to make these futures true, only then would PSSA academy stand tall and be proud of a lifetime achievement.

Promoted Values at PSSA

The coaching team at PSSA academy holds high a desire to establish a spirit of sportsmanship in addition to growing the players basketball skills, in the teams efforts to instill such qualities in the hearts, brains and muscles of the players our coaches behavior and method of work always promote the following values among the players:
·        INGENUITY
Our players can play in a clever way and find their way out of any game situation even those they didn’t encounter before.
So they can have the confidence to lead their team in a game or in real life while respecting the collective goal of the team
To form everlasting relationships with their team members and coaches that not only exists on the training and game courts.
To trust their coaches and follow the training programs and game play plans. Only when the entire team shows this discipline will they be playing as a one team.
·        HEART & SPIRIT
Passion towards basketball is the single most powerful motivator, and we need to always feed this passion and allow it to grow to fuel their sportsmanship at all times.
·        INTEGRITY
Integrity is the single most defining characteristic that helps uphold all the previous values and makes the player proud to be part of this basketball team, by nourishing integrity we allow all goodness to thrive and the players to be phenomenal.

As the PSSA community includes the parents, we believe they also have a role to play in upholding the values we promote and achieving the vision we dream to accomplish, we therefore strongly advise parents to:
·        Encourage their children to participate in their own interests and enjoyment.
·        Teach children that an honest effort is always as important as the victory.
·        Encourage children to always play by the rules.
·        Refrain from negative criticism of their own children or other children in front of others.
·        Show respect for assistant coaches, officials, and admins.
·        Respect coaches’ decisions and assessments even if it is not in line with their beliefs.
·        Regularly attend parent meetings and express their true opinion and feelings about the program.


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