Basketball Academy Advance Program 15+

The goal of the Advance academy is to develop tactical thinking and apply it to situations that players will experience in games. All drills are executed with game situations in mind so that players can not only refine their skills, but also learn the best ways to apply these skills in games and at game-speed. Players at this age are going to be more involved in the decision-making process related to practices and games.

Specifically regarding training, we will improve the dominant motor skills required for success in basketball such as explosive strength, explosive power (specific to basketball), co-ordination, agility, dynamic flexibility, and anaerobic endurance.

We have found that this is the critical age that kids where kids either develop a strong passion to continue playing or lose motivation and quit. With this in mind, we give players the support, positive energy, and opportunity to practice they need so that they can realize their full potential.

Note that we recommend personal training for the correction of more specific technical and tactical issues.

Below are some of the skills that we will cover and examples of drills that the players will be exposed to:

  • Assessment (i.e. speed test, 5, 10, 20m, shuttle run test, RAST running test), specific basketball evaluation (ball control (under pressure), passing ability, movement without ball, jumping, defensive positioning, etc) (Every Player will have Player profile).
  • Movement skills: Speed, agility, quickness, jumping, sprints, footwork, High intensity, weight lifting techniques intro.
  • Basketball skills: 1. Ball handling-Stationary (Combination moves), emphasis details.
  1. Movement while dribbling (Under the pressure-full court, front and back court), explosive start, change of the rhythm, Fake move, retreat, spin move, back (low post) protection of the ball, anticipation (read the defense), perimeter movement (shot fake variations, jab step variations), post movement (drop and gather step), penetration, refine.
  2. Fast break, different options, outlet pass, spacing and offensive rebound and go back after the shoot.
  3. Passing and Catching the ball – Full court and outlet passes (improve passing angles), perimeter (cut, V, L, I, Backdoor), post (Sealing)
  4. Shooting Form (wall and side backboard shooting (precision), Shoot preparation (free throws and one-line shooting technique), 3-point shot, jump shot, after cut (one and two contact), under pressure, Lay-up (different variations-finish), euro-step, 1-1-2 step, extended second step, back doors, floaters.
  5. Defensive- On ball (ready point dead, deny, help side (ball-man position), help helper (fill and rotate), hip rotation, guarding screens, Rebounding (Box out), Def. transition (stop ball (penetration), ball out of middle, safety, match up communication)
  6. Tactics (Group) – Offense (5 on 5 offense, passing and cutting, spacing, penetration principles, react on defense, pick n roll, reading overplays, attack the basket, Zone offense-defense concepts, zone press-press break concept
  7. Game- Define the roles for all five positions, use different types offense-defense, transition offense-defense.



1. Horizon English Speaking School

– Wednesdays, from 8.00pm-9.30pm
– Saturdays, from 1.30pm-3.00pm