Basketball Private Training Program

We offer personal training to master a specific set of skills through proper coaching and repetition. We offer this for both individuals (one on one) and small groups (2-4 players).

Examples of what we can focus on in personal training include dribbling and ball-handling, shooting, lay ups, passing, rebounding, defense, perimeter play, guard development, big man post play, finishing moves, footwork, and balance.

Before we start personal training, we determine the skill level of the player so that we can properly tailor training to address the areas that require improvement. More than just focusing on skills, we also work to improve a player’s strength and conditioning, self-confidence, and game-like situational understanding.

Players will work with highly experience FIBA certified coaches and even have the option to train with a gunning machine for shooting, something completely new in the UAE basketball market.



Schedule will be available soon…