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PSSA FALCONS (Ages 8 - 18)

Our “FALCONS” program is for ages 8 - 18. This program aims to develop technical and tactical skills and awareness apply to competitive game situation. All drills a executed with “game-like” competitive standard and pace. Players will be exposed to situations that require mental and physical toughness, refining their skills and experience. Training will be specific and intense with focus on improving the dominant motor skills required for success in basketball such as explosive strength, explosive power (specific to basketball), coordination, agility, dynamic flexibility, and anaerobic endurance. With this in mind, we give players the all the support, positive energy, and opportunity to practice they need so they can realize their full potential. Our “PSSA Falcons” program consists of highly skilled “hand-picked” players from all locations within academy to form teams of U18, U16, U14, U12, U10 and U8 categories. These teams train together and participate together in leagues and competitions both local and international. Although these teams are currently active, trials are always open for new talent!

Note: We recommend personal training for the correction of more specific technical and tactical issues.

PSSA values are continuously emphasised throughout the programs highlighting sportsmanship, fair play, and teamwork during each training session and competition.


Coaches will assess your kids ability to make sure they are in the right class and environment which is both challenging but rewarding.

Evaluating specific elements like ball control, passing ability, movement with and without ball, jumping, defensive positioning, and more.

Motor ability & Co-ordination

Speed (running technique all directions), strength (body weight), refine coordination, agility, balance, jumping and landing, endurance and more.

Skill Development

Ball handling - Stationary Combination moves, emphasis details.

Movement while dribbling - working on their first step (open-step cross-step, change of speed and change of direction, jab steps, shot and pass fakes, jump-stops, stride-stops, pivots right and left foot forwards and backwards.

Fast break - different options, outlet pass, spacing and offensive rebound and go back after the shot.

Passing the ball – Chest, Bounce, Overhead, Dribble hand-off and Javelin passing. Left hand, Right hand dynamic and stationary, reading situations faking a pass to make a pass.

Passing and Catching the ball – Full court and outlet passes (improve passing angles), perimeter (cut, V, L, I, Backdoor), post (Sealing).

Defensive - On ball, ready point dead, deny, help side, ball-man position, help the helper helper, fill and rotate, hip rotation, guarding screens, rebounding and boxing, defensive transition, communication.

Tactics (Group) – Offense 5 on 5 offense, motion plays, passing and cutting, spacing, penetration principles, react on defense, pick n roll, reading overplays, attack the basket, zone offense-defense concepts, zone press-press break concept.

Game - Defining the roles for all five positions, use different types offense-defense, transition offense-defense and more.

Shooting Form - wall and side backboard shooting for precision, Shoot preparation e.g. free throws and one-line shooting technique, 3-point shot, jump shot, after cut (one and two contact), under pressure, Lay-up with different variations of e.g. finish, euro-step, 1-1-2 step, extended second step, back doors, floaters.

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