Our “Rookie” program is for ages 4 - 17. This program aims to teach the fundamental basketball movements, footwork, and skills in a positive and fun way so that kids can discover and begin to love the sport as much as we do. Kids will also learn teamwork and sportsmanship as an integral part of all our basketball programs and academies. We believe that positive reinforcement and repetition from a young age creates the best learning environment which allows kids to understand and respect their peers whilst also build self-confidence. Our coaches work closely with the kids constantly encouraging and motivating them to ensure that they learn the fundamentals in a fun and efficient manner. Some of the skills and drills kids on this program will be exposed to are:

Some of the skills and drills kids on this program will be exposed to are:


Coaches will assess your kids ability to make sure they are in the right class and environment which is both challenging but rewarding.

Evaluating specific elements like ball control, passing ability, movement with and without ball, jumping, defensive positioning, and more.

Motor ability & Co-ordination

Coordination, agility, running, jumping (athletic and agility drills) cover at least 50% of every session, change of direction, stopping of motion (short duration, anaerobic activities).

Skill Development

Ready position (holding the ball).

Triple threat stance.Stationary dribbling (ball control), low, high, wide.

Moving while dribbling, start and stop (protecting the ball), change of direction, height, jump stop, two contact stop.

Passing the ball (stationary, moving), long pass, catching the ball (absorbing on the move), pivoting.

Shooting position (squaring feet, follow through),

Lay-ups (with progression)

Defensive position (basic stance, on-ball, off-ball), face to face defence (adjusting speed).

Games (1 on 0, 2 on 0, offense and defence, transition-fast break and defence), spacing.

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