Terms & Conditions


Before getting enrolled with Prestige Star Sport Academy, students/players and their parents/guardians must carefully read the following »Terms and Conditions«:

  • All applications must be accompanied by the relevant fee. Payment which will be confirmed at the registration must be received prior to the attendance of any course.
  • Payment can be delivered at the class (cash or cheque) or via bank transfer directly to PSSA bank account.
  • Applications by online registration, phone or e-mail are not confirmed until receiving the payment.
  • All courses, activities, venues & sessions are subject to change according to weather, programming and satisfactory level of numbers. We may cancel any courses and/or change any information, should this be necessary for any reason.
  • Prestige Star Sport Academy – Dubai, UAE reserves the right to make any changes in the schedule, sessions or fees due to any issues whatsover. Such changes will be informed to the student/parent prior to subsequent sessions. If we have to cancel a session for whatever reason we will offer an alternative session and the same will be informed to the student or parent at least one day prior to the sessions date.
  • All classes will be conducted mainly in English.
  • In case the participant could not attend the training for any personal reason, the missing session will not be compensated or added to the expiry of this membership.
  • In case a student could not attend the training because of the illness, injury or special weather conditions a catch up session is possible at some of the nearest locations.
  • We treat as a priority the safety and wellbeing of all participants attending our We, therefore, reserve the right to remove from our sessions/activities without refund, any participant or parent/guardian found bullying, misbehaving or generally being disruptive.
  • Places on our sessions are They will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.
  • You must ensure that the student/child is physically fit and able to participate in the sporting activities and accordingly you accept all risks resulting from participation in the course.
  • We can’t accept any responsibility for any damage, loss, injury or disappointment suffered by anyone entering any
  • Prestige Star Sport Academy will not be responsible for any items lost or left behind at any of our courses.
  • By accepting the terms and conditions of registration, the student and parent agree not to fight or argue with the academy coaches or any of the academy staffs for any reasons. Any such actions will be treated as code of misconduct and the academy reserve the right to cancel the registration without any notice. No refund will be provided in such cases. The cost of any damage caused thereof by the student or parent to any property or facilities will be charged to the student.