Dejan Kamenjasevic is a very good professional who can work on any level. Trustworthy person with dedication and passion for basketball.

Zan Tabak
NBA - Houston Rockets, Professional Basketball Coach

Dejan is the most knowledgeable basketball coach that I have ever trained with. I have played basketball for most my life (including in university in Canada) and in the past few years I never thought I would be able to improve so much before I began personal training with Dejan. His attention to detail allows him to find and adjust seemingly minor aspects of my game that lead to drastic improvements, whether with regard to ball handling, shooting, or footwork.

I have also seen that Dejan’s consistently positive attitude and elite-level knowledge of basketball earns him respect amongst other coaches, which ensures that his professionalism and knowledge are represented by every coach in PSSA.

Max Klien
Top Level Basketball Player, Dubai

I believe this Academy will really benefit the kids.They have great coaches there to teach the kids what they need to become better and smarter on the basketball court.I have been with one of the coaches there for many years,Dejan as a player and he has great knowledge of the game and for sure he will be able to help the kids there to reach there potential.

Darryl Middleton
CSKA Moskow asistent Coach and one of the most important USA players in Europe